Design Studies 120 provided students with an introduction to design thinking and design composition. Through lecture and studio sessions, they had the opportunity to learn design and color theories, to create design projects and to evaluate designs encountered within your environment. Concepts that were stressed included: the creative process, visual awareness, and the arrangement of visual elements using two dimensional design principles, plus Gestalt principles. In the final unit of the course, the students studied the contextual influences on design and came to understand how culture, history, technology and materials impact the designs that we see and use today.

The Course Provided the Students the Ability to:

  • To become more visually aware of their environment and to increase their imaginary vision. Seeing and observing one's environment is critical to design development.
  • To generate new design ideas and to resolve design problems encountered within the studio and in the everyday environment.
  • To know and to apply basic design concepts in design work and to use basic vocabulary in describing and in evaluating the designs.
  • To develop design skills in the following specific techniques: lettering, layout, pattern development, perspective drawing, color mixing and application, design adaptation.
  • To know the human forces that influence design and to recognize cultural and historical design styles from a compositional design perspective.
  • To build and recognize relationships of design concepts and skills from beginning lessons to ending lessons--use all design objectives.
  • To be prepared for the more advanced design classes.

Through Field Trips the Student Have Been Exposed to:

  • The Wisconsin State Capital
  • Various historically significant buildings surrounding the Capital
  • The Chazen Museum of Art

Just A handful of DS-120, Student Comments:

Lesley was friendly, funny, personable and kind. Very easy to talk to and accommodating.

I see the world in a completely new way and appreciate the beauty of design all around me now.

I thought that Lesley was a wonderful instructor. She was by far my favorite because she was so open, friendly and comfortable. She was also extremely easy to talk to.

The best thing about the instructor was how hands on and interested she was in everything we talked about. I really liked the notes being on the web. I could worry about paying attention instead of trying to get all of the notes.

I really enjoyed Lesley, I thought she was a great lecturer, intelligent and funny, spunky woman. I hope to have her again.

The course in general was great. Lesley made the material very interesting. I looked forward to class every day.

I really enjoyed the class because of the instructor.
Lesley was probably the nicest lecturer I’ve ever had so it made me want to attend every lecture.

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