Design Fundamentals II  


Design Studies 220 focuses on space, form and materials as the components of the three-dimensional environment. Space and form are considered along with the factors which affect how they are perceived by people. Students work with design elements and principles to develop three-dimensional solutions to abstract and real world problems. Solutions are expressed as drawings, simple constructions, and more detailed models. Stimulation of creativity in problem solving is approached through examination of thinking processes and visual thinking techniques. Field trips will be involved.

The Course Provided the Students the Ability to:

  • To understand the differences between two- and three-dimensional design.
  • To understand the factors that affect how spaces and forms are perceived and evaluated.
  • To develop the ability to analyze and evaluate three-dimensional designs using aesthetic and functional criteria.
  • To develop the ability to manipulate design elements and apply design principles to create new designs or solve abstract and functional design problems.
  • To understand of shape, size/proportion, color, texture and pattern as visual elements of three-dimensional design and how they can be used to achieve intended design outcomes.
  • To understand conceptual, constructional and relational elements of three-dimensional designs and the ordering systems that define physical structure and spatial relationships.
  • To gain an understanding of the physical, aesthetic, and practical properties and qualities by which materials vary, and which serve as criteria for their application to a design situation.
  • To apply design methods and gain an understanding of the visual thinking strategies that will produce more creative and successful solutions to design problems.
  • To develop the ability to express three-dimensional designs in both two- and three-dimensional visual formats for purposes of conceptualizing, developing, and communicating ideas.

Through Field Trips the Student Have Been Exposed to:

Just A handful of DS-220, Student Comments:

This was the best class that I’ve had at the UW. Everything about the way it was taught was helpful and the field trips were great. You get hands on learning. I loved it! Thank you.

I really enjoyed everything about this class. The discussions were great and I really felt comfortable. And the assignments were fun and worthwhile.

I liked so many things about this course. The instructor, the projects, and the field trips made this class a truly enjoyable experience for me.

Lesley is an enthusiastic, inspiring and supportive teacher. This class by far was one of my favorites and Lesley is certainly one of my best professors. She consistently encourages students to do their best and to think creatively and outside the box. Her teaching style is amazing and she always makes her students feel comfortable, so that they can focus on learning. I enjoyed the class very much. Lesley is outstanding.

I felt very comfortable in the class. I felt that the instructor really cared about how we preformed and was always willing to help us if we needed. She understood our needs as a class and listened to our opinions.

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