Design Fundamentals I  


Design Studies 222 introduces students to the basic concepts, processes and skills involved in solving interior design problems. The course examines the elements of interiors and involves the integration and applications of fundamental design theories and principles as well as environment and behavior theories to the designing of interior spaces. Students will experience all phases of the design process from research, programming and concept development to design development and both verbal and graphic documentation.

The Course Provides the Students with a foundation knowledge of the following:

  • Interpretation and application of basic design and behavioral theories to interior design problems.
  • Steps of the design process including design research, programming, concept development, space planning, design development, and design documentation.
  • Fundamentals of space definition and planning, and furniture layout.
  • Selection criteria for furniture, equipment, and interior materials and finishes.
  • Fundamental concepts related to design luminous, acoustic and thermal surrounds.
  • Fundamentals of building construction systems as they relate to interior space planning and the elements of interior spaces.
  • Role of building and life safety codes.
  • The ability to develop visual and verbal communication skills necessary to the documentation and presentation of design ideas and solutions, including preparation of written concept statements, program documents, concept and design development sketches/models, working and presentation drawings, schedules, sample boards, and oral presentations.
  • An orientation to the field and practice of Interior Design, including its history, major tracks and specializations, requirements for professional qualifications, professional associations, regulation and contemporary topics and issues facing the field (technology, globalization, multi-culturalism and sustainability).

The Course Quest Speakers and Field Trips:

Sherwin Williams Color Mix 2010 Presentation
Madison Lighting Field Trip
Bill Beaudreau from Caryer Ryan Beaudreau Interiors