The Filter of Form

Form is a word that conjures up many different meanings for many different people. For example, we may refer to the form of the human body or the form of an object or the process of forming or reshaping something. In this argument, form denotes the combination of both the external and in internal physical shapes of a structure and the unity they provide as a whole. While different parts of a building will have specific roles, they are still members of a larger structure, and therefore should be carefully treated in relation to that whole. We are accustomed to thinking of each part as serving individual functions. However, if these building parts are places defined as areas of activity, then that are also places from which we may journey to and from. It is this journey through the building that we experience and it is the built form to which we respond. Therefore, form represents the physical order of the building as well as its relationship to the ordering system of its surroundings, whether natural or man made.

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